About this technology

The FCS uses virtual reality technology for (the) shop simulation and interaction between the operator (consumer) and the virtual shop. For the development of the graphical user interface (GUI) there are two main goals; the navigation through the virtual shop should be easy and the user experience of the virtual shop should be natural. Easy navigation is a requirement related to the measurement of brain activity. In case the navigation causes too much mental effort the measurement of brain activity will be influenced. A natural shopping experience is necessary for enabling realistic behavior in the virtual environment that represents behavior in the real world. A realistic shopping environment will also contribute to the acceptance of simulation as an alternative consumer research tool in a real life situation. For the development of the FCS Green Dino uses the cross platform graphics engine Unity 3D. This software supports realistic rendering and can be used with almost all operating systems. The FCS can be used stand alone but also online in a multi user game environment.

For the FCS a new simulator mockup will be developed. The simulator should be easy to handle for transport and enable a realistic experience in combination with the software. Therefore Green Dino designed a mobile immersive simulator that fits through a standard doorway.

Prototype of mobile Virtual Supermarket

Prototype of mobile Virtual Supermarket


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